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Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey – The yacht charter season in Southern Turkey is slowly coming to an end. Another exciting and adventurous year arrives to a close with many happy travelers who have gone home pleased at their experience of an amazing luxury yacht charter Turkey vacation.  Whether it was a cruise along the coast or to the Greek Islands, many gulets dropped anchor at all sorts of harbors and bays for their guests to discover.

Yacht charter in Turkey is an industry rapidly growing in not only yacht charters but also in yacht charter investments. Shying away from the realms of real estate, investors are gearing towards a new and prospering area of gulet tourism. Unique to Turkey alone in orgin, gulets seems to have an appeal to travelers seeking a splendid alternative to motor yachts and bareboat rentals in Turkey.  Buyers of gulets who wish to jump into the upcoming season as seeking secondhand gulet yachts, refitting them to their criteria and offering them to designated agents for chartering during the long season – which lasts from May until the end of October.

mediterranean yacht cruises

While other long term investors, anxious to launch in the waters of the Mediterranean sea, are waiting for their gulets’ final stage of construction to come to completion so they too can join in on this exciting venture in sailing holidays in Turkey, Greece and Croatia.  One such motorsailer, a gulet ketch, came to life this year.

They named her Mezcal II. She is the sister gulet to the original Mezcal gulet, now serving the beautiful coastline of Mexico.  The luxurious VIP gulet Mezcal II will be based in the lovely harbor of Marmaris, Turkey this season and is ourAgent’s Choice of the Top 5 gulet charters for 2013.  The private yacht charter Mezcal 2 boats 38 meters in length and is finished to the highest standards, coupled with the latest motorsailer technology for Turkish gulets.  You will find all the finest quality in its simple design all throughout.  She offers 6 magnificent cabins, all dressed in earth tones for a soothing display of elegance.

The remaining distinguished luxury gulets for hire that were chosen are; the Esma Sultan duo – Esma Sultan yacht and the Esma Sultan 2 gulet.  Both are modern and classic in design, rarely seen in Turkish gulets.  These two fantastic motorsailer rentals not only cruise in Turkey and Greece; but also in the Adriatic sea in Croatia’s amazing “1000 islands”!  Another distinguishing feature of the Esma Sultan yachts is that both offer a unique dining experience with their Ottoman Menu; to make her guests on board really feel the deep history of the Turkish culture.

Then we have the Akana gulet, a lovely wooden sailboat that is quite budget friendly and popular among gulet cruise travelers. She is a boutique size gulet of 31 meters in length and offers 7 cabins with air conditioning and private en suites. Well maintained, the Akana luxury gulet is very ideal for family gulet cruises, as well as couples only romantic yacht cruises in Turkey and the Greek Islands.

Lastly chosen, but may not be the least, is the delightful Yucebey I gulet charter.  She too is among the few that offer an excellent crew and very comfortable facilities on a blue cruise holiday in the Mediterranean and Aegean.  This gulet has a sister gulet called Yucebey. As a lovely duo, such like the Esma Sultan fleet, they sail well together for larger groups and incentive yacht holidays. Of course they sail just as well alone too!

One of the most important part of your cruise is the menu, the food, and the crew and service. These 5 gulets will certainly provide a excellent holiday experience. No one agent can easily make a guarantee, however the guests are of the utmost importance with these yachts.  Between the 5 gulets listed are only 3 owners. This makes for a very assuring well kept relationship between the owners, agent and guests.

There are hundreds of yachts in the charter marketplace. Ask yourself this when searching, how well does the agent know the owners, or is there one or more agents in between the process of chartering a gulet and how does getting the best rates compare?

It is difficult for agents to know every single yacht to a high degree as there are so many of them. But with a recommendation of the top 5 gulets, you may realize, from a certain point of view, that the list must mean something good for it to have been recommended by the agent.

The important thing here is that you get the most from your holidays at sea with any one of these fine selection of gulet charters from Turkey.


Private Gulet Cruises – There are many dream holidays that can be experienced at sea. However one of the select reasons why they are such a dream is because of the yachts that play a major role in the whole experience of a blue cruise. Private yacht cruises are generally designed for all types of budgets. Just about everyone of all ages can enjoy the pleasures of sailing in the Mediterranean on just about all Turkish gulets.  The luxury lies in the whole journey, really.  The added luxury of these superb private gulet cruises is in the yacht itself.  What class you choose to explore the turquoise waters and stunning scenery is entirely up to you. One of the most well recognized yachts in the Mediterranean that will offer these astounding features of a yachting holiday is the distinguished Bodrum built Regina luxury yacht.

She has been designed with all the top level luxuries one can expect on a sailing vessel. As such she was choosen this year as part of a movie called Skyfall; the lastest in the series of James Bond movies, due to be in cinemas in November 2012.

This 56 meter Turkish yacht graced the azure waters of the Med with her divine elegance in Fethiye where parts of the movie was filmed.  Unlike some VIP gulets, she presents a unique appeal in her dignified design and high end quality construction, with custom features that make the Regina gulet all the more alluring.

If you are seeking the ultimate in high class sailing in Turkey, the Regina luxury yacht is certainly one to top the list.